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At Move to Move (MTM) we’ve cracked the physiotherapy mold and turned physical therapy into an entire treatment program.

When I first started practicing physio, I was at one of those clinics that scheduled 15-20 minute timeslots and I could only do so much because there was always another patient coming through the door — it felt like I couldn’t focus on my patients.

Ever since I opened up hour-long timeslots, I’m able to spend enough quality time to actually make a difference. At MTM, we provide sustainable value for our clients through a well-thought rehabilitation program.

Kinstretch Exercsies

Kinstretch and Physiotherapy 

Rehabilitation always begins with basic fundamental movements to clean up any imbalances or joint issues. My go-to certifications are in Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch. By creating proper movement in a joint, we can then move on to strengthening the injured area. 

If we started with strengthening before they learn to move their hip properly or have enough length in their hamstrings, a patient’s limited range of motion would risk re-injury.

Part of the reason appointments are hour-long is because of the educational component. You’re going to get all the knowledge to create functional movement and body awareness, but you have to do the work too.

Depending on the injury, I’ll schedule two to three appointments over a month where you’ll receive a take-home training session to develop new movement patterns. 

Strength can be introduced once the basic movement mechanics are addressed and then finish with more complex movements. MTM isn’t a physiotherapy clinic, it’s a complete rehabilitation program with functional movement education.

Aging and Longevity

One of my clients has been coming to see me for over ten years. His goals have transitioned from running half marathons to wanting to crawl on the ground with his kids and throwing balls. As his life adapts to the aging process, so does his therapy. 

The idea of transitioning through life, one step to the next, comes from our philosophy of “leading from the front.” My husband Bonar’s goals as a climber have evolved as he got older too.

In his late 30s, Bonar wanted to keep climbing at a high level, but he had to ask himself, “how can I continue to improve as I age?” 

Bonar realized that in order to progress, he had to adapt his training and movement practice. These ideas about longevity and healthy movement patterns feed into our rehabilitation methods as well.

Whether it’s rock climbing to the best of your ability or crawling on the floor with your grandkids, we’re here to help through every stage of life.

As we get older and perhaps a little wiser, so does our philosophy about rehabilitation. I love that our practice comes from experience.

Do you have goals but feel like you are being held back by age, injuries, or just a lack of process? Check out our next blog where Bonar talks about working with Ido Portal and the paradigm shift he experienced in his own practice through this.


Lea continues to challenge herself in rock climbing, and at the same time pursuing a movement practice. When she is not treating her patients at Move to Move you can find her climbing, mountain biking or moving in her beloved Rocky Mountains.


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