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Karyn Robb

MScPT, BA Honours Psychology, IMS/Dry Needling, FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist, FR® (Functional Range Release), Kinstretch® Level 1 Instructor, Upper Limb, FMT ROCKTAPE Certified, MWM Lower Quadrant, CSCS Certification

I have been amazed at what the human body can do and how the brain influences movement and pain.

Movement and fitness have been a huge part of my life since I was 7 years old, growing up as a figure skater and transitioning into weightlifting, obstacle course racing, trail running, hiking and CrossFit in my adult years. It was quick for me to determine that if you can’t move well or have limited body awareness, it doesn’t matter how strong you are. Working through mobility, imbalances and deficits is what will take your performance and skills to the next level.

I went into physiotherapy with the hope that I could empower others to learn about and take control of their bodies through exercise and movement versus machines and passive techniques. My goal as a Physiotherapist is to give you the education and tools to heal and maintain yourself, so that you can accomplish your goals.


Carlie Rompre


Carlie completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia. She has worked 10+ years in a private practice setting, working in Vancouver, Sherwood Park and more recently here in Calgary.

Carlie believes in assessing her patients as a whole, identifying abnormal postures, movement patterns and extrinsic factors that may be contributing to their injury. Her treatment approach combines manual therapy, IMS, acupuncture, exercise therapy and taping to assist patients in achieving their goals. As a FCAMPT Physiotherapist, Carlie has advanced manual and manipulative therapy skills to help assess and treat joint restrictions. 

Carlie has a long athletic background which includes playing for the UBC Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey team, participating in the Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer as well as spending every free weekend exploring the mountains. Carlie is an avid snowboarder, hiker, runner and cyclist. If she is not working, you will probably find her playing in the mountains! Because of Carlie’s active nature, she loves working with athletes and getting them back to action.

Fun fact: Carlie is a very talented creator of hip hop music.


Kanika Sabhani

DPT, BSc Kin, Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation, IMS/Dry Needling (Functional Dry Needling Level 1 & 2), Acupuncture Canada Level 1

I have been interested in Physiotherapy ever since I was young. In my youth I had certain physical limitations and spent many years in Physiotherapy. This time was pivotal in helping me overcome my physical challenges and led me to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.

In my practice I am confident treating a wide variety of injuries, ranging from ankle or knee sprains, acute or chronic low back pain, head aches, shoulder disfunction, elbow tendonitis, and much more. I work with patients of all ages and activity levels. I incorporate manual therapy, soft tissue and dry needling techniques along with functional exercises to help give my patients confidence to resume their normal activities and empower them to stay active.

Beyond my regular practice, I have developed a strong knowledge base and enjoy helping people with vestibular disorders. Especially in Calgary with the atmospheric pressure and drastic changes in weather, I find there is an increased need for vestibular therapy. If you are suffering from any vestibular symptoms I would be happy to work with you!

When I am not at work you can find me enjoying the outdoors, participating in boxing, group exercise classes, and hiking.



MScPT, BPE, FDN/IMS, FAFS, FRA® (Functional Range Assessment), FR® (Functional Range Release) Spine & Upper Limb, FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist, Kinstretch® Level 1 Instructor, FMT Blades Certified

I’ve been a Physiotherapist for 15+ years and over the last decade I have seen a positive shift in the profession. Physiotherapists are moving away from largely providing passive treatments to using an active, movement-based approach that empowers and educates patients. This is exciting to me! I have always thought of Physiotherapists as movement specialists but many of us restrict our assessment and treatments to a bed, a room, or a 15 minute time slot.

I strongly believe that to properly assess and treat a patient is to take a step back and spend time observing their movements, see them perform various patterns, challenge coordination and balance in their environment. By observing basic human movements such as a deep squat, you can quickly screen the spine and extremities, and assess joint range of motion and strength. Assessing for control and joint dissociation should be as simple as asking the client to do another task. Can they do it or not? If not, I want to be able to give the patient the tools to be able to achieve the task and in the future, have them be able to add complexity into those basic human movements.

For this type of Physiotherapy, I require floor space as well as simple but effective equipment such as dowels, hanging stations, free weights, lifting bars and open wall space. MOVE TO MOVE provides this environment as well as it will provide a seamless transition back to an environment and a community that promotes injury prevention and optimizing human movement for the rest of your life.


DR. Brianna BUSCH

DC, FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning)

My goal as a chiropractor and health mentor is to provide you with education and encouragement on your journey to movement. It is my ultimate goal to get you ACTIVE and FUNCTIONAL. The biggest detriment to people’s health that I see on a daily basis is a lack of movement, and the plethora of negative health effects that go along with a sedentary lifestyle. My excitement to guide your movement journey and keep you living your best life is what drives me to wake up every day and treat the wonderful residents of Calgary and surrounding area.

The scope of musculoskeletal practice is broad: jaw pain, headaches, spinal pain, body asymmetries, rotator cuff injuries, knee/hand/wrist/ /foot and ankle injuries, running and gait assessment, breath work, strength and mobility guidance, I can help with it all, and that’s why a patient’s goals are always of paramount importance with every individualized treatment offered. At Move to Move, patient treatment will NOT just consist of a spinal adjustment. Going to school for over 7 years and completing numerous post-graduate courses since, I have so much more to offer you than an adjustment. An adjustment is just one tool (one input) of so many options we have as manual practitioners to aid your body in recovery and optimal performance. I am dedicated to assessing and diagnosing your issue, providing your nervous system with diversified hands on inputs, and then solidifying these inputs with strength, mobility, and movement practice. The unique length of our treatment visits allows the time necessary to achieve these goals.

One of my many passions as a Chiropractor is pregnancy care. My goal is to safely and effectively prepare a woman’s musculoskeletal system for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, and to be a continued base of knowledge and support throughout a woman’s pregnancy and postpartum journey. Whether you are thinking of becoming a mom, or gave birth years ago, there are likely some lingering issues that could use improvement; from C-section scarring, pelvic floor and core weakness, sacral and low back irritation, or bladder incontinence.

A born and raised Calgarian, I enjoy a multitude of indoor and outdoor athletics, specifically in the areas of triathlon and trail running. My goal is to continue pushing my limits in these activities, while still enjoying the complimentary movement practices of barre, yoga, hiking and cross country skiing. I am currently accepting new patients and welcome you!

Sport Specialist Chiropractor



FRA® (Functional Range Assessment), FR® (Functional Range Release) Full Body, FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning), Kinstretch® Level 1 Instructor

I graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with the Distinction of Clinic Honours, only to continue on and complete a prestigious Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Sport Sciences. I am also a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Calgary, a Certified Clinical Acupuncture provider and an Instructor for Functional Range Systems (FRS).

Over the past decade, I have come to the understanding that the human body is a dynamic system that is ever changing and it requires an individualized approach for both human optimization and injury recovery. I believe that in order to create and facilitate this approach an assessment resulting in an accurate diagnosis is paramount. Once the area of concern has been identified, optimized therapeutic interventions can be applied to create change. 

During my years as a Movement Therapist, it has been my experience that patients often seek therapy because they are in pain, but we have to remember that pain is a symptom and not the problem. Movement optimization for the individual will often be the catalyst for improving function and ultimately decreasing pain.

My typical treatment paradigm is as follows:

Assess -> Diagnose -> Determine Individual Goals -> Promote Healthy Movement

In order to accomplish this model, I create a highly interactive environment where therapeutic interventions (i.e. soft tissue work, dry needling, and joint manipulation) are tools used to facilitate an environment where exercise can be the stimulant for lasting change.

To compliment my chiropractic practice, I am a certified Functional Range System Instructor. I teach group KINSTRETCH and Internal Strength classes for individuals looking to improve strength and mobility.

Curtis Martin
Massage Therapist

Curtis Martin

RMT, FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist, FRSC® (Internal Strength), MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) Certified

Since a young age, I have always been involved in sports, playing hockey, football, track and
field, and soccer. In 2010, I was recruited for hockey in the NCAA, travelling and playing in
California, North Dakota, and Massachusetts. While playing, I also completed my Bachelor of
Health Education and Science and worked along side the Athletic Trainer with my school’s
baseball team. This peaked my interest of learning more about the body, how it moves, and
the various techniques and training required to move it. In 2014, I completed my Personal
Training Certification and have worked with a diverse range of clients over the last 8+ years.
Throughout those years, I have also completed the Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
program, Resistant Training Specialist program, and the Functional Range Conditioning and
FRSC Internal Strength Course. These courses have expanded my knowledge to understand the
biomechanics of the body, how it applies to exercise, and how my clients can benefit from it.
As a therapist, my goal is to apply the knowledge I’ve gained from my education to help my clients
move their bodies efficiently, as I believe movement is the key ingredient to your success.

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer


RMT, FR® (Functional Range Release) Upper, FRA® (Functional Range Assessment, FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist, FRSC®, Kinstretch® Level 1 Instructor

Samantha March is a licensed massage therapist currently completing a 3000 hour RMT diploma. 

Sam incorporates a variety of techniques into her massage treatments. She combines General Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, FR® (Functional Range Release), FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning), and strength/stretching techniques. 

Sam is a former competitive athlete in multiple sports and has background in Personal Training.  This, combined with numerous certifications with Functional Range Systems, helps Sam provide the best care to her patients. 

Sam’s approach to treatment focuses on maintaining and improving joint range of motion to decrease the risk of injury and increase performance.

Not only is Sam an amazing Massage Therapist, she is also a Certified Kinstretch Instructor, teaching regular Kinstretch classes on a weekly basis at Move to Move.



FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist, Kinstretch® Level 1 Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Level 1, Ido Portal Internship

Physicality has always been one of the most important aspects of my life. This pursuit, I feel, is contrary to societal norms. The message I have been subject to is that physicality is a great pastime, but there are higher priorities where you should focus your energy. I have also received the message that high level physical pursuits are for the young, and when you get older other responsibilities should take priority in your life.

It has taken me the first half century of my life to understand that my desire to live and work pursuing physicality is ok, and this path is fulfilling unto itself. I have determined that I don’t need to feel guilty about making this a high priority in my life. I have found greatest fulfillment in life when I am using my own body to its fullest potential and helping others to do so. 

I have acted on this realization by developing a movement practice. I have been enrolled in online coaching with Ido Portal starting in 2014, and have taken on the challenge of a general movement practice. In this past year I have returned to my roots of rock climbing, and I am excited to apply the principles I have through a movement practice to the sport of climbing.

I am passionate about teaching, I have coached competitive climbing for many years, and as lead movement teacher at MOVE TO MOVE over the first 4 years in business, I have gained much experience in developing a movement curriculum to fit the needs of our growing community. 


Premium Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy services. 1-on-1 time with patients and providing an evidence-based approach to their recovery.


Classes, private training and remote programming inspired by Ido Portal and Functional Range Systems.

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