Located in historic INGLEWOOD.

Just 5 minutes from downtown Calgary, with ample free parking, our Rehabilitation Clinic and Movement Studio is the first facility of it’s kind in Western Canada. We require an environment that supports our vision of Movement, Healing and Learning, and MOVE TO MOVE was designed with this in mind. This is a clean, bright, sunny space. It is well ventilated, with high ceilings throughout.

The first of it’s kind 
Movement Studio & Rehabilitation Clinic.

Movement Studio

There are 2 movement studios spanning the length of the facility, with open floors as well as ample opportunities to hang from bars, ropes and rings. We have a complete supply of traditional strength equipment that can be brought out when needed, but we believe that the best way to train for complex movement is with simple tools and open spaces.

Rehabilitation Clinic

Our clinic is located beside the front movement studio with 5 private rooms. Our rehabilitation team utilizes the treatment rooms for assessment and for various treatment modalities. Our belief is that therapists should be movement specialists, thus you will often see therapists utilizing the entire facility in their treatments, removing the constraints of a traditional treatment room, using space and equipment as needed to give patients the tools required for meaningful recovery5

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Do you have questions about our treatments, classes, or a condition you need relief from? Please send us a message.

Unit 1010, 2600 Portland St SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 4M6

p. 1.587.356.2787
f. 1.844-273.8132


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