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Our Massage therapists treat using various techniques from sports & deep tissue massage, fascial therapy, myofascial cupping, scar management, and education. Let us help you reduce the pain and tension in your body.
For all new clients, please book at least a 60 minute treatment to allow for a small assessment period. Follow-up sessions range from 45-90 minutes. Our therapists will notify you as to what timeframe is most appropriate based on your physical needs.

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All of our massage therapists are trained to provide massages that will reduce your body’s pain, relax and unwind. Come see us at our convenient location in Inglewood Calgary SE.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points can be defined as an area within a skeletal muscle or fascia that is painful on compression and that can give rise to characteristics referred to as pain and tenderness.

Through touch, the therapist explores the taut band to locate the spot of maximum tenderness (the trigger point). 

The therapist then uses various techniques to reduce the neurological tension at the trigger point, to provide relief from discomfort and to re-educate the muscles to perform pain-free movement patterns.

Sports Massage 

Sports Massage is a specialized form of massage that helps to alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Repetitive sport specific movement can directly affect a particular muscle or group of muscles and other tissues. Working on these muscles will help the athlete prepare their bodies to function well during training, recover after the activity, and achieve their optimal performance.

Fascial Release

Fascia is an uninterrupted three-dimensional web of dense connective tissue surrounding muscles. Fascia have been shown to play a significant role in movement, distributing forces and allowing the muscles to perform correctly. Fascia can become compromised via adhesions, scar tissue, and tightness, which can cause significant pain and limitations to movement. Therapists use a number of different techniques to affect the fascial system, including use of cups, tools, and manual release.

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Whether you need a message to relax or to ease the pain in your body, our Registered Massage Therapists are waiting to help you.

To learn more about our Health & Safety protocols, click here.

No, you do not need a referral to see a registered massage therapist. Depending on your insurance provider, you may need a referral to be eligible to claim through insurance.

We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute massage appointments with our RMTs.


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