A Rehabilitation Clinic & Movement Studio located in Inglewood, Calgary AB.

This boutique, locally-owned facility is unique to Western Canada. MOVE TO MOVE offers a combination of high-end Rehabilitation Services (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Massage), Group Classes (Movement and Kinstretch), and Private Coaching, to proactively focus on long-term relief. Virtual coaching and classes are available.

Movement. Healing. Learning. 
The Three pillars of Move to Move.



Our Movement Studio is an environment where motivated participants work towards a healthy lifestyle through a movement practice. As opposed to a specialized approach, where one aspect of physicality is the focus, our practice combines elements of strength, mobility, martial arts, dance, play, gymnastics, climbing, jumping, acrobatics and much more. Using these elements to relieve the hurdles and limitations of the human body, we build strong, mobile humans, who move freely and vigorously despite past injuries or chronic pain. We offer Group Classes as well as One on One training to all levels of ability.



We understand that injuries do occur and are part of any physical pursuit. Injury provides opportunity to grow, and to learn more deeply how your body works. MOVE TO MOVE has a diverse and vibrant rehabilitation team who bring a unique approach drawing from their extensive knowledge from post-graduate education and clinical experience.
Our team uses evidence-based modalities of therapy. As each person is unique, treatment plans are individualized to the particular patient. We believe in spending quality one on one time with our patients, so that we can properly assess and treat without the constraints found in many conventional clinics.



Movement and Healing combine to make MOVE TO MOVE a place of Learning. Classes offered at MOVE TO MOVE apply methods and practices that are well thought-out and researched by world leaders. These classes teach not only skills, but principles and abilities to enable the participants to thrive while they interact physically with the outside world. Each MOVE TO MOVE class is carefully designed to incorporate all body abilities, emphasizing foundational strength while encouraging hard work to push the body’s limits.
On the clinical side, our therapists are also teachers striving to make sure that their patients gain knowledge toward better function.

Move to Move values itself as an educator first.

We know that engagement is higher, and results are more potent when participants can take control of their own growth through knowledge and clear guidance. We have studied under some of the most exclusive practitioners, world leaders in their fields—and we bring this knowledge to our community to help them heal, grow, and thrive daily.

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Unit 1010, 2600 Portland St SE
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