MOVE TO MOVE is an environment where motivated individuals work towards a healthy lifestyle through a movement practice.  Classes offered at MOVE TO MOVE will apply methods and practices that are well thought out and researched by world leaders. As opposed to a specialized approach, where one aspect of physicality is the focus, our movement practice combines elements of strength, mobility, martial arts, dance, play, gymnastics, climbing, jumping, acrobatics and performance.  We build strong, mobile humans, who move freely and vigorously.


The MOVE TO MOVE environment will be an ideal place for healing. Our movement and mobility practice will provide the best tools we can to avoid injury. We also understand that despite best practices injuries do occur and are part of any physical pursuit. Injury provides opportunity to grow, and to learn more deeply how your body works.  We will incorporate rehabilitation services into our practice so that our students will have a better understanding of what they need to avoid injury, and also have a clear path back to function if they do get injured.


The two elements, movement and healing, will combine to make MOVE TO MOVE a place of learning.  The classes will teach principles as opposed to just skills, and abilities gained will enable the students to thrive while they interact physically with the outside world.

The MOVE TO MOVE teachers are students themselves, they have the understanding that learning is a never-ending process.  The teachers seek out the best experts and seriously pursue new truths and principles that they can then pass on to the students.

We will expect that our students will come with a learner’s attitude, wanting to grow, and wanting to pass on their new knowledge to family and friends.  Movement classes are fun.  There are strong elements of play and engagement with other participants.  At the same time students will understand that they will be challenged as they never have been before.  Hard work will be expected. Classes are designed to be scalable for a all range of abilities.