Bonar McCallum

Student of Ido Portal, Ido Portal Internship, FRC Mobility Specialist, Kinstretch Level 1, Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Level 1

Physicality has always been one of the most important aspects of my life. This pursuit, I feel, is contrary to societal norms. The message I have been subject to is that physicality is a great pastime, but there are higher priorities where you should focus your energy. I have also received the message that high level physical pursuits are for the young, and when you get older other responsibilities should take priority in your life.

It has taken me the first half century of my life to understand that my desire to live and work pursuing physicality is ok, and this path is fulfilling unto itself. I have determined that I don’t need to feel guilty about making this a high priority in my life. I have found greatest fulfillment in life when I am using my own body to its fullest potential and helping others to do so. I have acted on this realization by pushing my standards in rock climbing.

I have just turned 50, and over the past 2 years I have climbed harder than any time in my life, achieving personal bests in both Bouldering and Sport Climbing. Over the past 7 years I have been a climbing coach, and in the past 3 years I have been head coach the Calgary Climbing Centre’s Adult Competitive Program. I have been responsible for sport specific training, exercise prescription, developing a yearly training plan, and for athlete development.

Lea Juszkiewicz Physical Therapist

MScPT, BPE, IMS/Functional Dry Needling Certification Level 1 & 2, FAFS, FR Spine & Upper Limb Certification, FRC Mobility Specialist, Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor, FMT Blades Certified, Student of Ido Portal

I’ve been a Physiotherapist for over a decade and over the last few years I have seen a positive shift in the profession. Physiotherapists are starting to move away from largely providing passive treatments to using an active, movement-based approach that empowers and educates clients. This is exciting to me! I have always thought of Physiotherapists as movement specialists but many of us restrict our assessment and treatments to a bed, a room, or a 15 minute time slot.

I strongly believe that to properly assess and treat a client is to take a step back and spend time observing their movements, see how they perform in their environment. By observing basic human movements such as a deep squat, you can quickly screen the lower extremity and assess joint range of motion and strength. Assessing for control and joint dissociation should be as simple as asking the client to do another task.  Can they do it or not? If not, I want to be able to give the client the tools to be able to achieve the task and in the future, have them be able to add complexity into those basic human movements.

For this type of Physiotherapy, I require floor space as well as simple but effective equipment such as dowels, hanging stations, free weights, lifting bars and open wall space. Move To Move provides this environment as well as it will provide a seamless transition back to an environment and a community that promotes injury prevention and optimizing human movement for the rest of your life.

Carlie Rompre Physical Therapist

BHK, MPT, Chan Gunn IMS, FCAMPT, AFCI Certificate of Medical Acupuncture, K-Taping Pro-K-Taping Academy of Canada,  Graston Technique Certified

Carlie completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia after obtaining her Bachelor of Human Kinetics. She has a comprehensive athletic background which includes playing for the UBC Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey team, instructing ice hockey camps, and volunteering at various sporting events such as the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Carlie has 9 years experience working in a private practice setting in Vancouver and Sherwood Park.

Carlie assesses her patients as a whole, identifying abnormal postures, movement patterns and extrinsic factors that may be contributing to an injury. Her treatment approach combines manual therapy, acupuncture, IMS, exercise prescription and taping to assist her patients in reaching their goals.

Carlie actively participates in ice hockey, snowboarding, surfing, running and cycling. Now that she is living in Calgary, Carlie is excited to get more involved in hiking, camping and rock climbing. Carlie’s other interests include creating hip hop music and dance.

Janine Ankenmann Physical Therapist

BScKIN, MScPT, Certified Manual Therapist, IMS/Functional Dry Needling Certification Level 1 & 2, Functional Range Release Spine Certification, FRC Mobility Specialist, TITLEIST Performance Institute Certified, Shockwave Therapy Certified, Able to order Diagnostic Imaging

I am fascinated by the way the human body operates and I strive to maximize your body’s potential and performance.

I love to be active, playing competitive soccer and softball, along with golfing, running and hiking. My love for athletics jump-started my career into physiotherapy. As a high-level athlete, I recognize the drive to compete, the frustration of being on the sideline, and the challenge of returning post injury.

After 10+ years of clinical experience, I’ve developed an ability to observe and understand movement patterns, and to use this knowledge to design an effective treatment plan to match your goals.  My expertise and skills include manual therapy, needling (IMS and acupuncture), vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management and functional movement analysis.

As an avid golfer I am Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified. The TPI Certification program is an evidence based, education pathway designed to teach professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing – “The Body-Swing Connection.”

Zenia Martynkiw Physical Therapist

MSc. PT, BSc. Kin., Sport Certificate, FAFS, Manual Therapist, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Because each patient’s reason for seeking physiotherapy is different, all patients are evaluated as a whole.  What this means is that the injured, or body part that is in pain will be evaluated but so will an over-all body scan be done to address why the painful area might have become a problem in the first place.  This way the issue as well as the cause can be addressed.

I place high value in empowering the patient to be in control of their own health.  As such I prioritize teaching exercises that the patient can do independently.  With the experience and education that I have, I am comfortable treating a wide range of orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, and neurological conditions.  I am trained in hands-on soft tissue mobilization as well as joint mobilization techniques.  I use cupping and acupuncture in my clinical practice as well as taping techniques.  If necessary, education will be provided on habitual movement patterns, stress, pain pathways, and how other body systems can affect the person’s health.

Karyn Russell Physical Therapist

BA Honors Psychology, MScPT, IMS/Dry Needling Upper & Lower Quadrant Certified, Functional Range Release Upper Limb Certified, FMT RockTape Certified, MWM Lower Quadrant, CSCS Certification

I have been amazed at what the human body can do and how the brain influences movement and pain.

Movement and fitness have been a huge part of my life since I was 7 years old, growing up as a figure skater and transitioning into weightlifting, obstacle course racing, trail running, hiking and CrossFit in my adult years. It was quick for me to determine that if you can’t move well or have limited body awareness, it doesn’t matter how strong you are. Working through mobility, imbalances and deficits is what will take your performance and skills to the next level.

I went into physiotherapy with the hope that I could empower others to learn about and take control of their bodies through exercise and movement versus machines and passive techniques. My goal as a physiotherapist is to give you the education and tools to heal and maintain yourself, so that you may accomplish your goals.

Foivos Karatzos Osteopathic Manual Therapist


Foivos, originally from Greece, graduated with an integrated Masters in Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy in England.

Always fascinated by the understanding the movement and control of the human body, Foivos continues to explore, challenge and acquire more knowledge on innovative therapeutic movement and treatment patterns for pain management.

Foivos uses detailed biomechanics, gentle structural therapies as well as functional and craniosacral therapy. Foivos enjoys working with all types of patients but his expertise is with athletes, infants and pregnant women.

Tyenne Bentor Massage Therapist

RMT, Myofascial Cupping, Fascial Therapy, FRC Mobility Specialist, Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor

My exploration over the last decade has been dedicated to a deep study of movement. Cultivating longevity and vitality is a life-long practice for me. A full immersion into yoga was the beginning, and over time, evolved into different practices with a major focus on Contact Improvisation and Capoeira.

Along the way, a few influential mentors have inspired me to complete my 3000hr Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma. This training has given me a foundation in anatomy and the mechanics of the body, and has led me to pursue further studies in fascia and movement. I believe through re-patterning movement and manipulating soft tissue we can recalibrate our bodies to optimize our overall health. In my practice, I utilize a combination all of the techniques I have learned over the years such as fascia manipulation, cupping, scar tissue management and deep tissue massage.

Jarrett White Massage Therapist

RMT, Myofasical Cupping

Jarrett trained at Mount Royal University, completing an intensive 2200-Hour Massage Therapy Program. He believes in an active approach to health with regular maintenance involving manual practitioners, while also giving the tools necessary for patients to be proactive in their self-care. Using a clinical approach to treatment, Jarrett maintains an evidence-based practice in order to stay current with the best treatment methods.

Being involved in the climbing community as an athlete as well as a coach for almost a decade, Jarrett understands the need for athletes to optimize their health both on the prehab and rehab side, and return to sport as quickly as possible when suffering from an injury.

After an initial assessment, Jarrett will use a combination of techniques, including trigger point release, myofascial release, PNF techniques, deep tissue massage, and cupping. Jarrett will combine these techniques with client movement, in order to create a dynamic, lasting effect on the body.

Colin Hood Movement Teacher

For as long as I can remember I always admired human movement. At 17, I began a Strength and Conditioning career pathway. After a few years of pursuing Personal Training and competing at amateur Skeleton, I noticed myself being inspired more by other types of movement: Dancing, Capoeira, Gymnastics, and Yoga to name a few. 

Through this interest I stumbled upon Ido Portal in 2012, and haven’t really looked back since. One of the things I really appreciate about Ido Portal’s method is his emphasis on a generalist approach, and always being a student/practitioner first. Throughout University I did his online coaching and tons of reading into this practice first and foremost for myself. However, my practice really changed in 2017 as I was fortunate enough to connect with some of the only other students of Ido Portal in Canada, Bonar and Lea. They had just moved back to Calgary to open up Canada’s first Movement facility inspired by the work of Ido Portal and I began training under their guidance and within their community.

My desire for growing into being a movement teacher comes from wanting to share my passion that human movement is one of the most underrated factors to a person’s quality of life. I also really believe that at its core studying and developing my movement practice has increased my discernment, work ethic, and humility in a way that nothing else I have pursued has for myself.

My hope as a teacher is to share this passion with others while continuing to learn and practice alongside everyone. Working with others is truly inspirational and I am wholeheartedly grateful to move and learn with amazing people everyday.

Dejuan Peart Movement Teacher